That’s deep: how to wear deep necked tee shirts

I have a confession to make: I have been watching an embarrassing amoung of Geordie Shore lately. Any others with bad taste in TV shows will know that when the guys on that show wear tops, there is only one choice: a deep necked tee shirt. It can be a difficult look to pull off, but don’t disregard it just because it’s not your usual style. A deep necked top does the trick if you want to show off your body rather than just your style.

It helps to be buff

A deep neck is most flattering on a muscular body type. You can also get away with wearing one if you’re stocky and substantial enough to create the illusion of being buff. Scrawny types should avoid deeply cut necklines.

deep neck tee

It’s okay to be hairy

The boys on Geordie Shore dissolve their chest hair with Veet before a night on the town wearing their characteristic deep neck tees. While that is the done thing where they live, you don’t need to copy their grooming routine. There is something disconcerting about seeing a grown man bereft of chest fuzz- it’s like he hasn’t gone through puberty yet. If you have a little bit of chest hair, there’s no need to remove it. However, a deep necked tee does not look great if you have a serious chest forest going on.

What to wear it with

You can’t go wrong by pairing your deep necked T-shirt with a pair of slim fitting jeans. You don’t want to have a super tight top with equally tight pants, so be wary of skinny jeans with a tight tee shirt. A pair of canvas shoes or trendy trainers finishes off the look.

How to dress for a pool or spa party

A spa party consists of more than stripping down and jumping in.

Please, wear board shorts.

A pair of speedos, or worse, your underwear, are not sufficient to swim in. A pair of board shorts ensures nobody sees more of you than they want to. It’s inevitable that everyone will be able to picture you naked, you don’t want to help them when it comes to the details by wearing a pair of underwear. Swimming in your Y-fronts is uncomfortable for everyone, except you.

Old man in speedos.
Don’t be this guy.

Your board shorts should not be a relic of your childhood. Choose simple geometric designs or solid colours, rather than childish prints. I highly recommend purchasing your board shorts from a specific men’s retailer rather than a discount department store, as they tend to make their adult board shorts as giant versions of children’s ones.

It is essential that your board shorts fit well so you don’t have flesh spilling over the sides. To this end, ones that are secured with a drawstring are better than a zip or velcro.

No socks

Plan your outfit so you don’t have to wear socks, in case you forget to take them off before stepping into the water. You also need to wait until you’re properly dry before putting socks back on at the risk of suffocating everyone with your wet sock smell, so it’s best if you can just avoid socks. A pair of flip flops or sandals is invaluable at a pool party, giving you the mobility to step in and out of the pool as much as you like.

Wear a T-shirt or a short sleeved shirt

A pool party is as informal as it gets, so a tee will suffice. If you want to look slightly smarter, wear a short sleeved, collared shirt in a trendy print. Keep in mind that you will be taking your shirt off anyway, so it doesn’t really matter what you’re wearing top half.


How to dress for a house party

House parties are a casual affair, but you need to dress slightly differently to how you do during the day.

Dressing well at a party is particularly important if there are going to be people you don’t know. You have plenty of first impressions to make. And as much as we’d all like to think that looks don’t matter, let’s be honest- you’re going to receive more attention if you’re nicely styled.

Easy house party outfits

You can’t go wrong with wearing jeans to a party. Ideally, they should be dark blue or black and slim fitted. As a general rule, darker jeans are more formal. A light blue denim wash is suitable for laidback parties, although will not look as stylish as dark blue skinny jeans.

Pair your jeans with a casual but neat top, such as a V-neck or shirt. Tee shirts are to be avoided- they look too sloppy and are unflattering on most people.

Choosing shoes to wear to a party can be tricky, as it is an informal event but you can’t wear your dirty old runners. A pair of boat shoes or canvas shoes is the perfect solution- stylish without being too dressy.

Be prepared with layers

You’ll be getting your beer coat on, but until then, you might be a little chilly. House parties are rarely confined between the walls and you have to be prepared for it spilling out into the backyard. Don’t just wear one jacket, because if you’re chatting up a girl and she looks cold it’s only polite if you offer her yours. Wearing two of the same item of clothing looks a little silly, so mix it up with a jacket over a sweater or cardigan.

Don’t bring your favourite jacket though- unless you spend the entire evening outside with minimal movement, you’re going to need to unload a layer of clothing. With drinking involved, you’re likely to forget you ever had a jacket. Or pants. So you want to be wearing clothes which are reasonably stylish, but not so precious that you can’t bear the thought of losing them.

What not to wear to a house party

There are a few common mistakes that guys make time and time again for partywear (and then they wonder why they can’t impress the ladies).

Firstly, slogan tee shirts. The slogans are often offensive and usually not that funny. The invariably poor quality and unflattering cut is a welcome distraction from the unfunny slogan on the front. You’re not going to impress anyone by proclaiming your distasteful sense of humour across your chest.

‘Junners’ (wearing jeans with runners) is another fatal combination. Not only should you not be wearing trainers unless you are exercising, they also look awful with jeans. The mistake is made even more glaring with slim fitted jeans.

Wearing sunglasses is among the worst party fashion mistakes you can make. Your shades don’t make you look cool, they make you look like you think you’re cool. Aside from the obvious stupidity of wearing sunglasses at night and inside, it is also rude to wear sunglasses obscuring your eyes when chatting to other guests.