How to dress for a second date

You survived the first date, but unfortunately you also wore your only suitable dinner outfit. How can you put together a stylish second date outfit in a pinch?

You need a different top

You can easily wear the same black jeans twice. Your date will be unlikely to notice, and even a sharp-eyed woman who picks up on it will not judge you too harshly for recycling your pants. However, your top needs to be completely different. A patterned shirt would be ideal. It is not as informal as a tee shirt, but is more relaxed than a suit shirt.

No runners

You are only on your second date, so you still need to put your best foot forward. This means no runners. You cannot bring out the ugly shoes until long after you are officially a couple. If you have a second pair of dress shoes that you did not wear on your first date, wear them. Otherwise, wearing the same shoes twice is permissible provided they are plain enough.


Jewelry can change your entire look from mediocre to stylish. It also provides a talking point. If there is an awkward silence, your date is likely to fill the time with asking if there is a story behind the necklace you are wearing. It also helps if there is a story, and if that story is not “my ex got it for me”.

Do not wear a watch

If you are wearing a watch, you may glance at it. This is not what you should be doing on a date, unless you are trying to convey that it is going poorly. Not wearing a watch means that the temptation to keep an eye on the time is gone, and hopefully you will be focusing on enjoying your evening instead.