How to dress for a dinner date

Don’t underestimate how important your outfit is on a dinner date. A woman will always judge you on your outfit, but dinner dates have that extra air of formality which means you will be even more harshly evaluated. On the upside, this gives you more opportunity to impress with your killer sense of style.


Dress as fancy as the restaurant

Hopefully it goes without saying that if you’re headed to a fancy restaurant, you should dress accordingly. A pair of pants (not shorts!) and a shirt are a good start. If you’re comfortable wearing a patterned shirt, do so. Depending on your personal style, you may want to accessorise with a bow tie.

No hats at dinner

Hats can be a great accessory, but not at the dinner table. Don’t even wear a hat for the way there, because you’ll need to take it off once you’re seated and she will then be staring at your hat hair all evening.

Nothing fiddly

You’re bound to be nervous and perhaps even a little uncomfortable, particularly if it’s a first date. Many people have the nervous habit of fiddling with whatever is at hand, be that a necklace, a loose button or cutlery. I can’t help you out when it comes to cutlery, but cull anything that you might fiddle with from your outfit. It doesn’t matter how good it looks if you’re going to play with it!

The right shoes… and socks!

Nothing less than dress shoes will do for a dinner date. A pair of brogues will show that you have a sense of what’s appropriate, without being too rigid. Leather oxfords are the way to go when you’re headed to a particularly fancy restaurant.

The perfect shoes can be rendered horrendous by the wrong socks. If you’re wearing dark shoes and pants, wear dark socks! There are few fashion crimes worse than white socks with a pair of dark leather shoes.

Have a nice wallet

Inevitably at the end of a date, somebody has to pay. Often that will be you. You will undo her impression of you as a style god if you then whip out the same wallet you’ve had since you were fourteen. A quality leather wallet will help complete your look.

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