How to dress for an informal lunch date

Dressing for an occassion is always stressful, but no man should stress over what to wear for a lunch date unless it is to be held at a particularly fancy location. Here are some tips on dressing to impress for a low-key cafe lunch.

Closed toe shoes

While it is a casual occassion, closed toe shoes are a must. It’s rude to walk into an eatery of any calibre wearing flip flops or sandals. Moreover, exposed shoes are usually hideous particularly if you have ugly feet. Don’t go too casual, but also be wary of wearing shoes too formal. A pair of black leather Oxfords may be a gorgeous and respectable footwear choice but is far too pretentious for a casual lunch. Try wearing canvas or suede shoes instead.

Keep it casual

A t-shirt and jeans will do the trick for a low-key date. Mix it up and make it more interesting with a pair of coloured chinos or a top with an unusual print. Shorts are a bit iffy and could be too casual, so steer clear unless an unbearably hot day forced you into donning shorts.

Three outfits perfect for a date.
Four outfits perfect for a date.

Do your hair

If your hair needs to be combed in a particular way or requires a little product to look its best, do it. You want to look well groomed and stylish.

Take your good wallet

At the conclusion of the date you’re going to need to get your wallet out. It’s the small touches which make you look stylish. Having a quality leather wallet will make you look like a man of distinction; a cheap cloth wallet from your local K-Mart just doesn’t have the same effect.

Use your own style

The informality of a casual lunch gives you plenty of freedom to wear what you like and what looks good on you. Be yourself and indulge in your own style. Any unique pieces that provide a talking point are a fantastic asset on an awkward lunch date.

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