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Should you follow trends?

Being able to dress well is a skill you’ll have forever – mastering what’s on the runway right now is fleeting. Yet even if you are not one for trends, there is good reason for you to know what’s going on in the world of fashion.

It’s undeniably far more useful to have an instinct about what looks good, rather than being able to follow current trends which will not necessarily look good on you or fit in with your personal style. Although, if you have an interest in trends and the disposable income to back it up, then you may as well keep up with what’s in style at the moment.

You don’t need to adopt every trend that emerges, but keeping your wardrobe fresh is one of the keys to looking stylish. My advice is to know what the trends are and work out which ones to avoid, and which ones you like and want to incorporate into your style.

However, the main reason why you should know the current fashions isn’t about how you look this season. It’s about how you’re going to look in the future.

The reason to be aware of what’s trendy is that it will help you to stop wearing out of season garments. Say you’re in the market for a leather jacket in a year when collarless jackets are the height of fashion. Naïvely, you would find a collarless jacket, not knowing that it was representative of a trend, and continue wearing the passé jacket for years to come. Not only are you wearing a hideous jacket (I don’t understand why collarless jackets even exist), but you look outdated and poor too.

Know the trends, but don’t be a sucker for all of them (sometimes designers come out with some pretty ridiculous fads).

Ed Hardy douchebags
Ed Hardy is a prime example of why you shouldn’t follow every trend.


Finding your personal style

Your own sense of style is the most important aspect of how you dress. Once you’ve pinned down your style, you’ll know which trends to follow and which to eschew.

You’ll develop your own personal style through years of outfit selection, but you can hasten the process by asking yourself a few simple questions about yourself and your body.

Find out what’s comfortable

The key to looking good and carrying off any outfit, is looking comfortable in what you’re wearing. That’s something you can’t fake. If skinny jeans result in you wriggling in discomfort all day, abolish them from your wardrobe. If socks make your feet overheat, find footwear choices that don’t require socks. No matter how in-season a particular piece is, you won’t look good in it if you’re not comfortable wearing it.

Know your body

Be realistic about your body shape and dress accordingly. For example, if you’re on the slim side and want to look bulkier, make layering clothes a defining aspect of how you dress.

Pick your colours


This is not just about what colours you like, but also what shades suit you. Tip: yellow of any shade rarely suits anyone so you may as well cut it from your wardrobe now.

Fit your style to your life

You may crave the formality of a tie, but that isn’t an appropriate choice for everyone. It’s easy to develop a sense of what looks good in terms of formal dressing, but you need to work out how to dress for everyday life.