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That’s deep: how to wear deep necked tee shirts

I have a confession to make: I have been watching an embarrassing amoung of Geordie Shore lately. Any others with bad taste in TV shows will know that when the guys on that show wear tops, there is only one choice: a deep necked tee shirt. It can be a difficult look to pull off, but don’t disregard it just because it’s not your usual style. A deep necked top does the trick if you want to show off your body rather than just your style.

It helps to be buff

A deep neck is most flattering on a muscular body type. You can also get away with wearing one if you’re stocky and substantial enough to create the illusion of being buff. Scrawny types should avoid deeply cut necklines.

deep neck tee

It’s okay to be hairy

The boys on Geordie Shore dissolve their chest hair with Veet before a night on the town wearing their characteristic deep neck tees. While that is the done thing where they live, you don’t need to copy their grooming routine. There is something disconcerting about seeing a grown man bereft of chest fuzz- it’s like he hasn’t gone through puberty yet. If you have a little bit of chest hair, there’s no need to remove it. However, a deep necked tee does not look great if you have a serious chest forest going on.

What to wear it with

You can’t go wrong by pairing your deep necked T-shirt with a pair of slim fitting jeans. You don’t want to have a super tight top with equally tight pants, so be wary of skinny jeans with a tight tee shirt. A pair of canvas shoes or trendy trainers finishes off the look.