What clothes do women like men to wear?

How you dress can have a huge impact on how you are perceived. Dressing in a particular way can improve your looks immensely- no plastic surgery needed. If you are looking to impress the ladies, then follow these tips to instantly approve your appeal.

Collared shirts

You may be comfortable in your tee shirt, but dressing properly makes women swoon. Simply switching your tee shirt for a shirt with a collar can make all the difference to your appearance. You will look more respectable and more in control of your life.

Sexy shoes

Shoes are one of the first things about you that women notice. If you have a movie-star smile but are wearing crocs on your feet, then girls will not look at you twice. Invest in some sleek and classic shoes such as Oxfords or loafers, preferably in leather.

Tight jeans

A pair of tight jeans will show off your assets. Plenty of women are into men with cute bottoms. Show that you’re one of them with a pair of slim-fitting jeans that shows you off.

Leather jacket

Be the bad-boy type that she has always wanted in a luxurious leather jacket. Most outfits can only be improved with the addition of a black leather jacket. Wearing a jacket is especially an asset on a date, as you can offer for her to wear it in an act of thoughtfulness that is sure to impress.

Leather jacket guy
Drive women crazy in a leather jacket.

Facial hair

Technically, facial hair is not clothing. However, it is worth mentioning that many women love a bearded man. To some women, a full beard is attractive; to others, a stubbly five-o-clock shadow does the trick. The most important aspect of your facial hair is what suits you best. If you think you look good with a bit of chin fuzz, then go for it. Many women will approve.

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